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Welcome to the personal homepage of Remi Bruggeman. This website
serves as my namecard, with the capacity for more. There is no fancy
CSS or JavaScript used when serving this webpage. This allows you
to view the page with high speed and without distractions. To the point.

Currently I am employed as a DevSecOps lead for a large
international corporation active in the biomedical field.
My contributions facilitate and support research and development
for a Medical Device used to analyse and determine DNA Variants.
The Medical Device comes in the form as SaaS and is an important step
in oncology diagnosis.

As Team Lead, I make sure the team is able to perform in the best way
possible and have all the tools to their disposal to create qualitative
results. In our daily standups we briefly review what is done, needs doing
and who has blocking issues. I think it is important to coach the team members
to inspire growth and confidence.

My responsibilities as devops lead are considerable. The infrastructure
for our Development, Quality, Testing and Production environments need
to be up and running, monitored and secured using industry best practices.
I am the SPOC for any IT related facets of running a Bio Medical SaaS
application. This includes coupling back to our corporate IT organisation
and ensure a seamless integration where required.
Also Incident management and infrastructure roadmap planning are important
aspects of the role.

I am actively working on the ISO27001/2 implementation and integration
and have good experience in both the implementation and the execution of
its processes.

Among the current key technologies I use daily, there are:

In previous capacities I worked for various clients as Linux Engineer,
DevOps engineer or SecOps Engineer.
I have a vast experience with RHEL and Debian systems,
Network Architecture and security practices.
I make use of all the available technologies and services provide
satisfactionary solutions to problems. I am eager to learn new
technologies and apply my knowledge accordingly.

last updated: 10/10/2023