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Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. This page is designed to be totally 90's and retro. It reads great on Lynx.


Currently I am employed as a DevSecOps engineer for a large
international corporation active in the Biomedical field.
My contributions facilitate and support research, diagnosis and
fighting of various cancers.
I uniquely work on Unix based systems.

My daily tasks consist of the automation of infrastructure and
deployments. I support the R&D team in their infrastructure and
software requirements. Due to the nature of the application developped,
all processes are heavily documented. All actions, tasks, incidents,
changes go through an intensive documentation process.
I design, manage and enforce new procedures.

In previous capacities I have always been a consultant, working for
various client as Linux Engineer, DevOps engineer or SecOps Engineer.
I have a vast experience with RHEL and Debian systems,
Network Architecture and security practices.
I make use of all the available technologies and services provide
satisfactionary solutions to problems. I am eager to learn new
technologies and apply my knowledge accordingly.

A special note to recruitment firms

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last updated: 31/12/'19