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Welcome. This is what I made of it. Hope you like it.

I've written this site for myself and for you, the visitor. It's brought to you at the highest possible speed, without bloating css, ads or trackers. Thought you'd like that. There's port 80 access for if you don't care who's watching you. Port 443 for those who trusts letsencrypt and port 777 for those who only trust me(md5sum: 3327792f5e1b3e32571959397f543038 - sha1sum: 4f4cc64267f4a1b7d91b38ed09686b54b9604dda).


Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. This page is designed to be totally 90's and retro. It reads great on Lynx. Any security measure can be taken to visit this website. Although I can't imagine why. Feel free to use the 443 port. It should be ok for most uses. However if you feel you want to send me confidental data, the 777 port can be used for http traffic with this self-signed certificate signing and encrypting the data.
Why a self signed certificate? A certificate encrypts the communication between your computer and the webserver. Anybody who has access to the private key of the certificate, or the root certificate, could decrypt the data and read the data sent and received in plain text.
It has happened before that a root certfificate of a trusted signer has been compromised. It would also be possible for certain organizations with a huge amount of computing power to calculate a root certificate of a popular trusted signer.
The amount of computing power required to decrypt my self-signed certificate, however, would be extensional and thus it would be highly unlikely an organization would do this to target the visitors of this website alone.

last updated: 14/10/'16